The Gator Dog Snappers

Sparrow Park Stage @ 6th October 2019

The Gator Dog Snappers met in The Spotted Cat, Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, while on US tour with various bands.
Featured at EFG London Jazz festival, regulars at The Magic Garden, Jamboree, Rumpus Party, the Blues Kitchens and the UK festival scene. The Snappers enjoy busking, street performance, and fill dance floors at London’s top swing dance events.
Snare Drummer Hannah spends half the year in New Orleans, studying with local musicians, and performing with local brass bands in countless second lines and Mardi Gras parades, in addition to regular shows on the notorious Frenchmen street. She is currently studying snare drum with David Henzie-Skogen of YoungBlood Brass band. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alice is also a New Orleans regular, most notably performing with the New Orleans Jazz Vipers, and the late great Allen Toussaint.