Hannah Johnson and the Broken Hearts – Nick Barber

Nick writes…. A few years back, I got an excited phone call from a friend who was in the Old House at Home pub in Hartshill –  “Listen to this!!” What I heard over the crackly line was the unmistakeable sound of country tinged with western swing – it was the Toy Hearts. Over the following years I saw the band several times and played the same festivals as them – even on one occasion, on a school trip to Germany, I met Hannah, Sophia and Stewart Johnson in Oxford services at 2am! (I had 90, fourteen year old students in my charge – they were on the way back from a gig in Camden) The Toy Hearts went on intermittent hiatus when Sophia moved to Texas and started doing even greater things, but Hannah has now formed the Broken Hearts (Great pun!) and with a crack team of Texan musicians has put out a stunning album “Shaken” which is rightly getting rave reviews.  When Hannah Johnson and the Broken Hearts play The Quiet Woman, it’ll be off the back of touring in the States, so the dust will still be on their boots and the fire in their bellies. Expect smoky, swinging old-school soulful country and you won’t be disappointed. See you at the bar…

Nick Barber (vocals/accordian/frottoir – Elvis Fontenot)

Hannah Johnson & The Broken Hearts