Counting down the days – Chris Bevington

Chris write… So, the clocks ticking down and the long awaiting festival Gig supporting Kirk Fletcher is fast approaching. I am delighted to be included in this year’s festival and to be sharing the stage with just a great Musician and Band.

2017, has been a great year for CBO as the band has spread its wings and played all over the UK and enjoyed a steady increase in Airplay and especially the wonderful support of the Legend who is Paul Jones on his BBC Radio 2 Blues show.

It’s always great to see a Gig at Leek in the diary and as Sarah Miller and others are Leek based, it’s in some way a coming home Gig and it also never ceases to amaze me how the Band and Music has grown and friends and follows has increased over the last few years.

The Leek Festival is a very respected UK & European Event and you can see this when you browse the headline acts and Artists booked, so it’s a testament to the growing respect the Festival has in the Music World, that attracts the array of Stars that it goes.

To be honest so it should, especially as the Leek Festival Organisers work so so hard every year to make it a fantastic success, so they all should be justly proud.

I always count my blessings and to be able to share the stage with Jim Kirkpatrick, Scott Ralph, Sarah Miller , Kate Robertson , Dave Edwards and Neil McCallum is a delight and I guess thanks go to Bill Dayson who I first meet in 1986 and he introduced me to Blues music and as his Bass apprentice,  I then started to try and learn Blues Bass. So now my 32-year apprenticeship has finished or maybe not , you never stop learning and I must say I love Music more year on year.

So , let the Festival commence and let the Good Times Roll and I hope everyone has a great weekend and lets raise a glass to another amazing weekend  …….Really hope to see some friends on Friday 29th September at the Foxlowe Arts Centre too ,CBO are onstage at 7.20pm and then we hand the stage to the wonderful Kirk Fletcher ….Happy days x

Chris Bevington  (Bass – Chris Bevington Organisation)